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Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWN-CWNA)

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Detailed Course Outline

Detailed Course Outline

  • WLAN and Networking Industry
  • RF Characteristics and Behaviour
  • RF Mathematics and Measurements
  • RF Antennas and Hardware
  • 802.11 PHYs and Network Types
  • 802.11 Network Devices
  • 802.11 MAC Operations
  • 802.11 Channel Access Methods
  • WLAN Network Architectures
  • WLAN Requirements and Solutions
  • Security Solutions for WLANs
  • Site Surveys
  • WLAN Troubleshooting

<h3>Hands-on Lab Exercises</h3>

  • Becoming Familiar with Antenna
  • Becoming Familiar with Power Conversions
  • Configuring Channel and Power Settings
  • Channel and Power Settings on Meraki Dashboard
  • Power Budget
  • Verifying Throughput Speeds
  • Verifying Throughput Speeds with Channel Bonding
  • Monitoring Management Fames
  • Enable Metageek insider
  • Enable Metageek Chanalyzer
  • Perform a Predictive WLAN Design
  • Basic WiPS
  • 802.1x Authentication
  • Splash Page Authentication
  • Troubleshooting PSK Authentication

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