Kubernetes for Developers (KD)


Course Overview

The Kubernetes for Developer training accelerates your understanding of Kubernetes and is focused on building, deploying and managing an application on Kubernetes. It introduces basic Kubernetes concepts including pods, microservices, ReplicaSet and Kubernetes networking, and provides practical labs on application deployment and management.


Participants should have a basic knowledge of Linux operating system, command-line tools, containers and a PC with modern browsers and a fast Internet connection.

Course Content

Kubernetes Basics
  • Creating a Kubernetes cluster
  • Creating pods and services
  • Deploying microservices
  • Kubernetes networking
  • Scaling a ReplicaSet
  • Canary deployments
  • Kubernetes dashboard
Kubernetes Advanced
  • Deployments
  • Deploying a new version
  • Rollback a deployment
  • Health checks
  • Graceful shutdown
  • Configuring your application
  • Environmental variables
  • Command line arguments
  • Using ConfigMaps
  • Managing credentials
  • Autoscaling pods
  • Running daemons on every machine
  • Managing batched and run-once jobs
  • Managing applications with Helm
Online Training

Duration 2 days

Price (excl. VAT)
  • 1,400.- €
Classroom Training

Duration 2 days

Price (excl. VAT)
  • Sweden: 1,400.- €

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.  Enquire a date