Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security. Public cloud protection (020.10)


Course Overview

Contemporary IT world steadily moves towards cloud services. More and more companies are migrating their computational resources to the cloud to cut down expenses and add flexibility.

One of the services delivered by cloud providers is infrastructure as a service (IaaS). If customers use IaaS, they are to protect their data themselves. Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security solution can help them solve this task. It integrates with IaaS by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. This course explains how to deploy the solution, configure it, and maintain.

Who should attend

Presale and technical support engineers, as well as experts rendering professional services


Knowledge of IT technologies, cloud technologies, and information security; understanding of malware.

Course Content

Unit I. Introduction: What you should know about KHCS, AWS, etc.
  • Chapter 1. Cloud technologies
  • Chapter 2. What is Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security?
  • Chapter 3. Introduction to Amazon Web Services: Architecture, terms, main services
  • Chapter 4. Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security use cases
  • Chapter 5. How Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security is licensed
Unit II. Deploying Kaspersky Security Center in AWS
  • Chapter 1. Scenarios and requirements
  • Chapter 2. How to prepare AWS
  • Chapter 3. How to deploy KSC from AWS Marketplace
  • Chapter 4. How to complete the setup wizards
  • Chapter 5. How to improve the settings
Unit III. Deploying protection in AWS
  • Chapter 1. Scenarios and requirements
  • Chapter 2. Deploying protection by installation tasks (using Amazon SSM)
  • Chapter 3. Deploying protection by scripts from KSC web server
  • Chapter 4. Deploying protection through Puppet
  • Chapter 5. Deploying protection through Chef
Unit IV. Advanced scenarios and maintenance
  • Chapter 1. How to discover computers in AWS from a non-AWS KSC server
  • Chapter 2. How to use SSM for deployment from a non-AWS KSC server
  • Chapter 3. How to use SSM for deployment onto non-AWS servers
  • Chapter 4. How to move the Administration Server to another server in AWS
Unit V. Using Kaspersky Security for Windows Server
  • Chapter 1. General
  • Chapter 2. Real-Time Protection
  • Chapter 3. Anti-Cryptor and Host Blocker
  • Chapter 4. Applications Launch Control
Online training

Duration 1 day

Classroom training

Duration 1 day

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.