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Unleash the Power of Your Network with Cisco Learning Credits

Using Cisco Learning Credits with Fast Lane

Cisco Learning Credits are a convenient and efficient way to purchase and manage Cisco authorised training. They enable customers to increase productivity and improve network optimisation while safeguarding training budget and monitoring training expenditures.

Cisco Learning Credits Value and Timeframe

A Cisco Learning Credit is worth $100 USD and is valid for one year.

Learning Credits are redeemable only after they have been credited to the user account. This is usually after all equipment on order ships and is invoiced.


You can redeem credits through Fast Lane, as a participating Cisco Learning Solution Partner. Courses must begin before the credits expire. Learning Credits must be redeemed in the currency in which they were purchased.

Fast Lane can actively manage the utilization of Cisco Learning Credits with the end customer. This ensures that credits are used up within the one year time frame. Your Fast Lane account manager will liaise with the Cisco Account Manager to advise on what training has been taken by the end user and provide course feedback.

Customer Benefits

  • Secures Training Budget
  • Increases Productivity and Technical Competency
  • Ensures highest quality of training, through Fast Lane as an authorized Cisco Learning Solution Partner
  • Simplify PO Process. Administrative costs decreased by reducing need to open multiple POs
  • Learning Credits Management Tool, provides a single location to manage and track the Cisco Learning Credits

Why Use Fast Lane?

Fast Lane is Cisco’s 2013 Global Learning Partner of the year!

With well over 15 years’ experience, operating in more countries than any other CLSP, you will find Fast Lane in more than 100 countries covering all continents delivering unsurpassed authorised Cisco training, carried out by the most highly regarded Subject Matter Experts in the industry. Fast Lane has the largest number of certified Subject Matter Experts including 300 CCIEs covering all of Cisco’s technology and architecture areas For more information

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