Digital Learning Solutions

Accelerating Business Outcomes

First means always moving forward

In our software and services-focused world, your employees are your biggest asset. But only if they are continuously brought up to date. This means ongoing education or, from their perspective, lifelong learning.

We have the means and experience to develop training solutions that produce exactly the results you need, and which achieve the goals that matter to your organization. And it goes without saying that our solutions reach students anywhere, anytime, and by any means. This is essential for supporting your organization at all levels of digital change.

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Embracing Digitization

Consumers are using digital devices for everything, from shopping to banking to calling a cab. To stay current, a workforce needs to continually maintain and advance their skills. Standing still means being left behind. To achieve educational goals at scale, conventional methods based around a classroom will not work.

Digital Learning Solutions

Enabling sustainable learning at scale

A holistic approach to learning

Businesses always have to adapt, and in the digital age, that adaptation has to be faster than ever before. To take advantage of all available opportunities, a business has to be agile, which is where learning is vital. This new digitized world has brought a change in learning styles requiring a holistic perspective on learning with varying learning approaches. To this end, we offer a programmatic and cloud-centric education approach to drive skills at scale.

Learners progress at their own pace and can access a variety of remote activities including a virtual lab and dedicated support from qualified experts. If you have a team and wish to accelerate the adoption of new technologies, our hybrid services can be adapted to meet your specific business goals.

Outcome Focused

Comprehensive solutions in order to enable deep skills and learning at scale. We start with a detailed assessment of your learning needs. Based on your goals, we will design the most efficient and scalable system that spans across a wide variety of assets and modalities. And to ensure your goals are met, our experienced customer success managers take your solutions along the entire life cycle, end to end.

Platform-Centric Learning Journey

Our learning portal is the central place of engagement supporting a variety of elements and activities. It serves as the go-to hub for every individual engaging on the platform.

Data Driven

As the program progresses, all learning results are documented: achievements, places to improve, points of interest, etc. Using all that data, analytics-driven iterations and program adaptions help increase learning effectiveness and maximize overall success.

Managed Training Services

If you are looking for a long-lasting, low-maintenance, transparent solution for personnel development, then look no further. With MTS, you can plan all your training measures in a long-term and cost-optimized manner. We provide a central booking engine that manages all offerings, making life simple for you.

Enable learning on any scale, anywhere, any time and on any device

Custom Portals

Distributed teams, time zones, cultures, languages, time to market, and technology evolution are just some of the challenges an organization is faced with today when trying to make sure that all employees are always up to date and properly educated.

The right learning platform is one of the keys of success as it enables a tailor-made learning experience anytime, anywhere and on any device. We are here to support you with regards to the selection and integration of the right system as well as customization, content deployment, management, and reporting.

Fast Lane Digital – your key to success

Using all of our experience, we have developed a future-oriented, digitally optimized platform: Fast Lane Digital.

Our own interactive learning platform offers seamless access to a wide range of digital learning products. We do not rely on a single learning management system; we have built a flexible combination of different applications that provide direct access to all the components of your digital learning journey .

For corporate customers that require their own portal we offer the Digital Skills Cloud: branded private portals with custom learning tracks that are easy to design and deploy, making them the perfect tool to support your learning initiatives. The Digital Skills Cloud makes it easy to host customized, hybrid learning journeys and deliver them to learners. It provides a rich learning experience that leverages a range of learning activities and delivery techniques including self-paced e-learning, practice labs and virtual classroom.

The Digital Skills Cloud is a SaaS product that runs on the Fast Lane Digital platform. DSC portals are deployed within our existing platform infrastructure and can be accessed globally, around the clock.

Our industry partners include:

Immersive and engaging experiences tailored to your audience

Sometimes you know exactly what type of training you want, and other times you only know what results you need to achieve. We have the means and experience to develop training that produces exactly the results you need and achieves goals that matter to your organization. And it goes without saying that our solutions reach students anywhere, anytime, and by any means.

To produce superior quality educational products and solutions quickly and efficiently we use agile methods for the development of different types of learning solutions such as lab activities, e-learning, microlearning, materials for instructor-led training, assessments, and webinars.

Agile Development

Hosting & development services for customized training environments

Our unique hosting service offers a customizable, highly scalable, secure, reliable, browser-based solution including a lab environment simulating real-life scenarios. The global network is available 24 hours a day and features dedicated live support, so you can study securely at any time, any place.

Lab Hosting Scenarios

Scenario 1

Running lab exercises scalable for up to 10,000 students.

Scenario 3

Conduct security training under real conditions that are not feasible due to internal regulations of your environment.

Scenario 2

Conducting security training in a real-life scenario which would not be possible using your own infrastructure.

Scenario 4

Operating a pre-defined software development environment globally in a secure environment.

Services Lifecycle

Solution Design

Managed programs and custom solutions. Your employees, your choice. Tailored solutions from design to implementation.

Customer Success Management

Ongoing consultation and individual support, keeping you in control. Adding our expertise to your goals.

Technical Services

We offer a wide range of services from deployment to customizations and integrations.

Managed Services

Maintenance, support, and administration services will free you to focus on what is most important: your business. Let us do what is our core competence. We never stand still, always remaining agile, and up to date.

These are just some of the 1000+ companies that trust us with their educational needs.

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