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Fast Lane's FLEX is just the best – not only does it save me considerable money on travel, giving staff the ability to perform the training from the comfort of their own home, but I can also offer training to staff in remote offices where Fast Lane have no presence meaning I have training continuity

How could we improve the training? I don't think it can to be honest!

Superb lecturer by the way he really knew his stuff.

Credit Suisse

Fast Lane’s FLEX classroom service helps provide more courses in more subjects and disciplines than ever before, offering expert instructor-led courses and tutorials. Blending traditional classroom teaching with online instructor-led training – Fast Lane’s FLEX classroom can fit effortlessly into the lives of professionals, students and organisations with minimal disruption.

Remote students can benefit from the online tutorials with voice and video training from industry-leading experts and local students. Offering both participatory and passive learning modes, the FLEX classroom also provides breakout rooms for remote and local students to discuss ideas and share knowledge.

FLEX Training

Benefits of Fast Lane's FLEX Classroom:
  • More courses Guaranteed-to-Run™
  • Interactive state of the art on-line training experience
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • No travel requirements
  • Remote students can attend from their home or office, saving you time and money on travel and accommodation.
Some of the key features of our FLEX Classroom are:
  • Instructor-Led Training
  • Hands-on labs
  • Voice and video for remote students to interact with the Instructor and local students
  • Break out rooms that include both remote and local students
  • Electronic whiteboard for Instructor notes
  • VoIP or conference bridge audio
  • Low bandwidth requirements for remote students

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FLEXis about delivering an extensive, quality training experience. All courses are delivered in real time by Fast Lane's leading Subject Matter Experts across the region, direct into our state of the art training facilities.

With our reliable and robust training schedule you are able to select from a number of our leading technology vendors.

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View our full UK&I training schedule below or click here to view our EMEA FLEX schedule.

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