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Network analysis with Wireshark

Fast Lane Packet Analysis

At Fast Lane, we implement a combination of specialist instructors and tailor made courses to deliver comprehensive training in packet analysis that could deliver major gains for you and your business. This curriculum will provide practical guidance and a deeper understanding of network analysis using the popular freeware protocol analyser tool, WireShark.

How Our WireShark Training Courses Can Help You

At Fast Lane, our Packet Analysis curriculum provides in-depth guidance for users interested in implementing WireShark technology at their place of work – whether that be a business or educational institute. WireShark has become the de facto protocol analyser across all industries and sectors, and our comprehensive courses can help you make better use of the platform.

Combining intuitive tuition structure with specially trained instructors, the Fast Lane Packet Analysis course focuses on accurate and effective network analysis; helping you to monitor your network on a packet level. There a number of courses aimed at professionals of all abilities, so no matter what your requirements, you can exploit the power of the WireShark Analyser tool.

Fast Lane offers four different courses relating to Wireshark packet analysis: Packet Analysis with Wireshark Analyser; Advanced Packet Analysis with Wireshark Analyser; Packet Analysis Power Workshop; and Optimising Network Performance with Wireshark. All four courses are aimed at network administrators, managers and other technical staff, and they vary in complexity depending on the depth of knowledge you are looking for.